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Implant dentistry is not acknowledged as a specialization by the dental associations; for that reason, any dental professional can start selling himself as an expert in dental implants. This makes it difficult for clients to differentiate between the good and the bad. With that in mind, here are some of the best tips on choosing a dental professional for the right experience in dental implants:

1. Training

There might be Chipped Tooth Erie KS 66733 dental practitioners without official training in implant treatments who might express their interest and skill in this field. A patient need not be reluctant in asking the doctor about the training he has received and the experience he has gathered.

2. Before-and-after photos of real cases

A knowledgeable implant practitioner will certainly have a CD or an online gallery of before-and-after cases for you to review. Ask the dentist to Erie KS 66733 show you the profile of a case he has handled that is similar to yours.

3. Reviews

Best reviews generally come from the word of mouth. There are online sources for testimonials where substantial details on a professional can be found. While online testimonials are not always genuine, they might offer you a sense of what to expect.

4. Technology and anesthesia

Dental experts that offer contemporary treatments generally have access to Chipped Tooth Erie KS 66733 advanced technology such as dental lasers, intraoral cams, digital X-rays and chair side screens. Ask your dental professional about the technology he has employed in his workplace. You might likewise want to know what type of anesthesia or sedation the doctor uses for the treatment.

5. Convenience

How do you feel in the dental practitioner’s workplace? Is he friendly? Are you comfortable in asking straight questions, and do you like Erie KS 66733 the responses you get?

6. Time Requirements

For how long will it take the dentist to complete your smile remodeling? Is your doctor planning to go on a vacation while you are on his prescribed treatment? It is very important to know the time your treatment will be completed in order to set up any future strategies.

7. Well composed treatment strategy

It’s good to organize your implant treatment on a notepad. Erie KS 66733 Prior to submitting to a treatment plan, ask your doctor to give his treatment strategy in writing mentioning the time it would take for the treatment to complete.

8. Second opinion

It’s always good to have a second opinion on the treatment you will be undergoing.

9. Wonder treatment

Be aware when everything seems too good to be true. This especially applies to implants where 3-9 months of recovery time is needed.

10. Erie KS 66733 Payment options

Many insurance companies cover implant treatments. Therefore, you will most likely want to deal with a dental professional who offers payment plans, accepts credit cards and entertains insurance companies.

11. Scheduling

What are the dentist’s working hours? Do they match your schedule? With any surgery, it’s good to be the first client of the day, when your doctor is well rested and on time.

12. Location

Implant treatments can need several Erie KS 66733 visits. Is the dentist’s office situated near your house or place of work?


Some dentists offer a complimentary implant consultation so that you can discuss your expectations. When you find a dentist that fulfills many of your requirements, proceed with the treatment and listen to his or her treatment strategy. Make sure that you feel comfortable and positive in his presence. Following the tips mentioned above, you surely have Erie KS 66733 a good chance of finding the right professional for your dental implant needs.

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